#FMEWHENURMAD BY Maryland lavon



As a promising up-and-comer in the RnB scene, LA based singer Maryland Lavon brings a level of intensity to her soulful melodies that rival the best and brightest. With an ear for banging club beats that inspire real, heartfelt choruses, Maryland's music can be heard blasting in clubs, but upon closer inspection, her lyricism reveals a sensuousness that perfectly compliments her intensity. 

Her debut single, #FCKMEWHENURMAD, brings this intensity to a whole new level with a ruthless, fast paced beat over heavy bass drops. The sensual, personal nature of the lyrics posed an interesting visual challenge that was met with a beauty and ruggedness that matched the song. 

With a song inspired by love and hate, lust and sensuousness, we drew inspiration from the sensual darkness found in the gritty, romantic horror vampire movies of the late 80's.

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Producer: Nico Scandiffio
Director: Hayden Hoyl

Art Direction: James Emery
Set Design: Chelsea Finkel