A Triple Threat

Mack Wilds, is an American actor, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is known for his roles as Michael Lee on the HBO original drama series The Wire and as Dixon Wilson on the CW teen drama series 90210. He was also featured in the Adele music video for Hello. His debut album, New York: A Love Story received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Mack Wilds was ready to start his second album, but before he could do that he needed to close out 'New York: A Love Story', one final video to set the tone for his future projects. Working directly with Mack Wilds through the writing and direction of the project we created a short interpretation of Mack Wild's Grammy nominated song MaGic!!!  A vision for the song that captured the album and Mack Wilds as an individual.


Sometimes just out of the corner of your eye, you catch a moment of beauty. This moment for Mack Wilds is the basis of the music video for MaGic!!! The story is centered around a life with someone whom you have not shared yet. Mack is driven crazy as he dreams of spending time with her, only to have her disappear again and again at the end of every encounter. These repeating dreams shake Mack's reality as he quickly realizes that he needs to chase that moment he saw only out of the corner of his eye.

Shot on location at some of Mack Wilds' favorite New York City outposts, the music video presents a real look into falling in love in the city.

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Producer: Nico Scandiffio
Director: Hayden Hoyl and Mack Wilds
Writer: Paris Hines
EP: Carver Guru
Creative Director: James Emery
Art Director: Evan Foster