Multiple Recaps


This year’s #EmpowerPhilanthropy Conference in Baltimore, Maryland was the best ABFE conference yet! Bringing together some of the top leaders, experts, practitioners, philanthropists and advocates that work to make social change in Black communities across America a priority.

The conference encouraged ABFE members and others to leverage the power of philanthropy to address critical needs facing Black communities. After more than 45 years, we’re still learning and growing as a community that makes use of the most promising and best practices, and we are driven to leverage our collective action as a unified and strategic force that moves investments to Black Communities.  

Short interviews with some of the most prominent attendees presented an indept look at the work being down around the country and locally.  Each vignettes was a specific narrative told with sweeping shots of the neighborhoods effected and the people working to build them up.

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Producer: Carla Sims

Director: Derek Scearcé

Editor: Nico Scandiffio

Assistant Camera: James Emery